Start-ups in Asia: Technology and Innovation

Start-ups in Asia: Technology and Innovation

Asia – a Powerhouse of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology

Asia’s dynamic and highly successful startups are now leading the world by mapping out the future of technology. India is among the most rapidly expanding startup environments in the APAC region. Numerical data indicates that FinTech companies in Asia are attracting approximately three times the amount of investment that their European counterparts are receiving. China is in pole position, with the largest startup ecosystem in terms of both deal size and the number of deals done. The Asian future is very bright indeed, with well-funded startups rapidly emerging and developing in countries all around the region.

Varsha Rao’s Professional Track Record in Asia

With her unparalleled track record of innovation within the fields of finance, digital media and e-commerce, Varsha Rao is deeply aware of the trends and factors driving the growth of startups across Asia. She has successfully led, mentored and advised early stage startups as well as established companies around the world, helping them penetrate the Asian markets and develop their unique offering.
Aside from e-commerce Rao is an expert in growth scaling, partnership strategies and market-building. These skills combined with her vast knowledge of Asian business and culture make her an ideal analyst of future trends and opportunities for startups within the region and companies seeking to expand into it.

Keeping up with Tech Trends and Business Development

In this section of Varsha Rao’s website, you will find up-to-date information on trends and developments relating to startup enterprises across the Asian continent. Anyone concerned with Asian commercial environments and market behavior, will enjoy reading the concise and accurate news reports, insightful discussions of current trends, knowledgeable reviews of emerging enterprises as well as tips and recommendations found below.
November 8, 2017
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