Indian Execs Land Top Roles in Silicon Valley

The Economic Times of the Indian Times reports on the rise of Indian executives in various sectors around the globe. Many tech industry giants, like Twitter, Airbnb, Tesla, and Dropbox, are being run by Indians in managerial roles. Although widely known in this sector, Indian executives are present in many other industries. Anjney Midha is a Stanford student who is working with well-known Silicon Valley company Kleiner Perkins. Deb Roy explores new digital territory as the chief media scientist at Twitter. Sujay Jaswa is 34 years old and has been named CFO after helping Dropbox raise money. Head of Global Operations at Airbnb, Varsha Rao, is also an investor. As well as helping the majorly disruptive company expand its footprint across a variety of regions, Rao has also been well known in the technology and finance industries since before the .com bubble burst. Although a lot has changed since she first exploded onto the scene, her passion for business and innovation remains alive.

Varsha Rao Speaks at Echelon 2010

Tech in Asia reported on a special interview at the Echelon 2010 conference with Varsha Rao, then CEO of SingTel Digital Media, who shared her opinions on the event and discussed her work at SingTel is the publisher of, and had Rao as its CEO between 2008 and 2011. Her role was to oversee the entire production process, including developing products, marketing materials and content, taking care of technological aspects, and overseeing the sales and finance teams. As a veteran in the industry, she had at that point spent over a decade working in the digital web and mobile arena, and now has vast experience in both the Asian and US markets. Before she joined Airbnb, Rao was the VP of Old Navy Online, a top ecommerce business in the US, where she was responsible for nearly 100% growth in the space of two years.

Premier Online Lifestyle Destination Launched

In 2009 PRWeb covered the exciting launch of a new online lifestyle destination. SingTel launched a new division, SingTel Digital Media (STDM), to work with its web and mobile site, The idea was for STDM to build a different kind of lifestyle destination on the internet, for the people of Singapore, and was the end product. CEO of STDM at the time, Varsha Rao, stated that the main difference between and other lifestyle destinations online is that it is focused on hyper-local content and exclusive editorial, which offers a uniquely local perspective. In addition to more than 100,000 listings, the site also features over 10,000 stalls and restaurants, a comprehensive events calendar, and up-to-date promotions. Fun editorial features include ‘Things to do in Singapore’ and an area where readers can discover food and beverages around Singapore, like restaurant ratings, kitchen gadget reviews, and promotions. The shopping section features tips, and the entertainment editorial features insights into celebrity lives and local news.

Married to a Powerful Silicon Valley Woman

The fastest growing demographic group on Facebook is people over 30, and in her Huffington Post article Varsha Rao explores the journey of connecting on this social media platform. In particular, she contemplates how these men and women have time to manage both their lives and their online presence. After reducing television time, Rao was able to spend more time on social media, make connections, and learn what friends and family are up to around the world. Although she is still not a radical Facebook devotee, she shares that she finds it interesting that this medium helps her to connect, despite her busy lifestyle.

Varsha Rao and Cameron Poetzscher Get Married

Varsha Rajendra Rao and Cameron Paul Poetzscher married in 1997 in Boston at the Copley Plaza Hotel, as reported by the New York Times. Dr. Jayant Sane, who is a Justice of Peace, performed the ceremony and officiated the marriage. Rao is the daughter of Rajendra and Renuka Rao, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. Mr. Rao is a broker at A.G. Edwards & Sons and Mrs. Rao is an analyst for the Policy Management Systems Corporation in Boston. Poetzscher is the son of Bernhard and Gillian Poetzscher, and a graduate of the University of Queensland in Australia. The Poetzschers are retired from B. Poetzscher & Company, their furniture manufacturing and exporting business. Both Rao and Poetzscher achieved MBAs from Harvard University Business School, where they met. The couple are successful business executives and work in New York – Rao for McKinsey & Company as an Associate Consultant, and Poetzscher for Goldman, Sachs & Company as an Investment Banking Associate.