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In September 2017 Varsha Rao accepted a new position as Chief Operating Officer at Clover.

Clover is an innovative health insurance startup based in San Francisco and New Jersey. It was founded in 2014 by healthcare entrepreneur Vivek Garipalli and engineer Kris Gale.

Clover is more than another health insurance company, its mission is to improve the life quality of seniors to improve healthcare solutions and ultimately health outcomes. To this end, the company invests heavily in technology and data to determine when a patient needs medical treatment and other gaps in patient care. Once determined, Clover intervenes with its staff of social workers and nurse practitioners as well as other ways to communicate with its members resulting in getting members needed treatments as well as lowered costs for the member and insurance carrier.

In addition to focusing on healthcare clients, Clover also aims to improve quality of life for healthcare providers. Their services reduce tension and friction between physicians and insurance carriers leaving the medical staff more time for meaningful doctor-patient interaction.

The company has been successful in raising investment capital, securing funding from some of the most respected startup investors. Investors include First Round Capital, Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, GreenOaks and others with total funding over $400M.

Clover is a perfect fit for Varsha Rao, former Head of Global Operations at Airbnb. Her interest in mission-driven companies companied with her strong background in scaling high-tech startups including her experience in building teams and successfully leading established companies into new markets will be an asset to the company.

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