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The strategy behind networking with Sallie Krawcheck and Varsha Rao

Varsha Rao was invited to speak on a panel led by Karen Finerman, on the subject of networking and the strategy behind using networking as a career-builder. Varsha spoke about the value of exchange, making the time to network, and having a group of diverse people to trust and lean on.

Pixel Talk Featuring Varsha Rao, Airbnb's Head of Global Operations

Varsha Rao was invited for an interview by Pixel Talk, a weekly online show created by the Stanford Online High School community. Interviewed by a student, Rao confirmed that she stayed in Airbnb accommodation while travelling for business. She discussed the company's expansion into Asia and educating local communities about the benefits of travel.

The rise of Airbnb in China: building a community

Varsha Rao was interviewed by China Daily about the growth of Airbnb in China. Speaking about the idea of “booking a home away from home”, she discusses the massive success of Airbnb around the world, and emphasizes the value of China as the largest outbound market in the region for her company.

Varsha Rao, Head of Global Operations, Airbnb - Phocuswright India 2016

At Phocuswright India 2016, Varsha Rao was interviewed by Tahnee Perry, Vice President of Marketing for Phocuswright. Here Varsha speaks about the increase in mobile engagement in the APAC region, as well as the value of the Airbnb community: working with local populations, attracting hosts in the region, and having them embrace the concept of Airbnb.

Varsha Rao- DingDingTV 2014

In an interview for Ding Ding TV at the China Media Annual Conference, Varsha talks about her career, education, the launch of her online company, business development in Asia and the Far East, and her overall experience in the region.

Varsha Rao & Kirthiga Reddy | Startup Central

Varsha Rao and Kirthiga Reddy were interviewed on ET Now about their meteoric rise with global companies and the role of Asian women in business. Rao speaks about the importance of creating a vision and a mission that inspires and innovates, as well as the significance of marketing to millennials with strong core values.

Startup Girls : Lakshmi Pratury in conversation with Varsha Rao and Kirthiga Reddy

Speaking on Startup Girls, Varsha Rao joined a panel led by Lakshmi Pratury, discussing the importance of women in entrepreneurial roles, her experience with starting her own online company,, and the decision to ultimately sell it. She talks about her firm grounding in business, as well as the importance of having a creative vision for any startup.

Sharing Economy

'Sharing economy' may be a hot buzz term for politicians and business leaders in China these days, but what does it actually means for ordinary people? In this interview with the Financial Times, Varsha Rao explains what the sharing economy means to her and Airbnb, where she serves as Head of Global Operations. For Varsha, it is all about the opportunity that Airbnb hosts have to monetize their homes, by making use of those times when they are away from their living space. The Airbnb platform enables its members to become "micro-entrepreneurs" by turning their home into an income-generating asset, which they rent out to guests. Additionally, it allows guests who are looking for a more unique travel experience to actually live in the community they are visiting.

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